Fondation Idella is a charitable foundation with the purpose of supporting young students in the Humanities, technical and medical fields, with travel scholarships, especially in connection with studies or training abroad, and further education.

What do we support

 The Humanities in particular young artists, musicians, painters & sculptors seeking further education in connection with studying abroad. Applications for travel scholarships from the following institutions will be considered: Schools of Visual Arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, the Royal Danish Academy of Music, the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg, Syddansk Musikkonservatorium Danish National Academy of Music, the Rhythmic Music Conservatory, the Schools of Architecture in Aarhus and Copenhagen, The Danish National School of Performing Arts and The National Film School of Denmark.

The scholarship can be awarded to foreign nationals, BUT it can only be used to study outside Denmark (not to foreign nationals for their studies in Denmark).

If you study in the Humanities, you must be max. 35 years of age when you apply.

The technical sciences – students and PhD students, researchers and scientists. Applications for travel scholarships from Technical University of Denmark, Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University, Faculty of Engineering and Science, University of Southern Denmark and Department of Engineering, Aarhus University will be considered.

The health sector in particular research projects aiming at improving methods of treatment, with a focus on partially financed PhD projects in traditional medicine, Post Docs (1 year) and fully financed PhD projects in alternative medicine. Master students from Copenhagen University, Aarhus University and the University of Southern Denmark will be considered.

 You cannot apply for a grant:

  • If the amount you apply for is less than DKK 20.000.
  • If the amount you apply for covers studies in Denmark.
  • If the amount you apply for covers career related activities, for instance concerts and exhibitions.
  • If your stay or project has already started at the time of application.

And you will not get a grant:

  • If your application is not sufficiently documented and incomplete.
  • If Your stay abroad can be replaced by or interchanged with a Socrates or Nordplus stay.
  • If you can obtain funding via university funds for stays and practical training abroad, for special study tours or ethnographic field work.

We place emphasis on the following:

  • That you are actively studying in Denmark at one of the listed institutions.
  • That you have already planned your stay and made arrangements with your contacts abroad.
  • That you have applied for admission and/or received acceptance letter(s) from schools/institutions abroad, or from professors and tutors.
  • That your project will benefit you professionally and academically.
  • That your stay abroad extends over a longer period of time.

If the Foundation requires further information from you, we will contact you directly.

What information should you include in your budget and how is your grant paid out?

Your application must include information about any additional grants or funds you have received from other foundations or institutions.

A grant can only be used for the specific purpose described in your application. If you receive further grants and the total amount of all grants exceeds the total budget in your application, the excess amount must be repaid to Fondation Idella. The same applies if your grant exceeds your expenses.

Your grant will lapse if it has not been paid out within a year after the date of your donation letter. Therefore, if your project period needs to be extended contact us well in advance of this date for an approval of the extension.

Donations are generally taxable. In special circumstances, travelling scholarships may be tax-free.

Fondation Idella receives a large number of applications and has to prioritize the projects and choose between many equally qualified applicants.

How to submit an application

  • All applications must be submitted in 5 printed copies.
  • Also, a copy of the completed Grant Application Form (without attachments) in Word format (not pdf) and links (YouTube or similar), if any, must be sent by email to

Foundation Administration:

Fondation Idella
c/o Dansk Inveco
Kampmannsgade 1,6
DK-1604 Copenhagen V.

After the Board’s decision, both the university and the applicant will be informed directly. by the Foundation.


Each applicant must complete an application form. Please note that this application form may only be used for projects starting in 2018.

Documents should be attached to your application in the following order:

a)    A layman project description of 1-2 A4 pages. For applications in the field of music relevant recordings or links to films (YouTube or similar) should be included.

b)    A detailed period budget (2017/18) on the project costs. The budget should specify the extra costs involved, including insurance, accommodation (room and board) and tuition fees. Any additional grants or funds you have received must be included. Also, you need to provide information on grant applications you have submitted or plan to submit to other foundations.

On completion of your stay abroad be sure to keep as documentation copies of receipts for any of the above costs, including invoices for tuition fees.

Fondation Idella does not accept applications for purchase of equipment such as computers, cameras, camcorders, etc.

c)     A statement from a Head of Institute/Department confirming that your project is qualifying for your further training/studies. It is not essential that your stay abroad provides credit points (with exam results to transfer). Your project does not have to be a formal part of your studies, but it is no hindrance either.

d)    Your CV.

1.  Project title

A short, but comprehensive title for the project.

2.  Information about the applicant

3. Summary of the project purpose and – content, max. 200 words

A short and concise summary of purpose and content – ie. what activities are involved.

4. Project period (time-frame) – max. 1 year
Enter project start (month/year) & project completion (month/year). Multi-annual projects are not accepted. Applications for travel grants must be submitted before you begin your stay abroad.

5.  CV, homepage, links in digital form

6.  Full project description, confirmation from teachers / institutions abroad

7. Project costs & income
All costs must be included. Funding, including grants from the State Education Fund (SU), if any, and other grants from e.g. Socrates / Erasmus must be included in the budget.
Any comments regarding the project funding may also be included here.

8.    Information about applications and other scholarships, if any

9.    Applicant’s personal contact information

10.  Applicant’s bank details

11.  Institution’s confirmation